Healthcare Providers
Measurably Impact Patient Care
Measurable and easy to use real-time data that provides instant insight into individual patient journeys, practice-wide disease state management, protocol adherence treatment trends, and best practice benchmarks.
Population Health Management
Patient Identification is a solution that…
  • Helps you identify and stage every patient in your practice.
  • Surfaces in advance patients that need diagnostic or therapeutic intervention(s).
  • Provides actionable insights for the next steps in patient care, whether it’s to schedule a follow-up appointment, ordering labs or imaging, or ordering consults for the right therapies.
Patient Monitoring and Management is a solution that…
  • Helps you follow each patient through every stage of their patient journey.
  • Enables you to implement Watchful Waiting or Active Surveillance as appropriate.
  • Gives you the ability to monitor and manage ALL your patients ALL of the time.
Protocol Adherence is a solution that…
  • Prevents patients from falling outside your care protocol(s).
  • Provides you with protocol adherence by provider, whether it’s diagnostic, therapeutic, or others specific to your practice.
  • Highlights potential care gaps.
  • Compares peer grouping and provides benchmarking data at your fingertips.
  • Helps you achieve your mission of providing excellent patient care.
Patient Engagement
  • Imagine a solution that helps you streamline patient communication and stay connected.
  • A solution that gives you a one-stop-shop for not only identifying the patients for the right diagnostic and therapeutic interventions but also sending messages to patients.
  • A solution that allows you to send relevant and very targeted patient education to the right patients with a click of a button.
  • A solution that gives you the ability to get patient’s feedback, around symptoms, medication adherence, satisfaction, experience, or any other questions you want to ask. A solution that can collect and analyze all patients’ feedback and give you actionable insights.
Benchmarking and Performance Management
  • Peer-grouping and Benchmarking: Know how your providers compare to each other; how your practice compares to others in the region and against national benchmarks; compare diagnostic and therapeutic protocol adherence and best practice KPIs. Don’t know what to measure? We can help.
  • Performance and Change Management: The dream of clicking a button that produces reports that are in real-time and can be instantly downloaded to a PowerPoint presentation all in less than 5 minutes – life changing for management and allows for real change. Stop telling what everyone should be doing and start showing how everyone is doing against your protocols, how you compare to the national guidelines, how many patients are being potentially affected, and what would be the impact of the change on your 3-Ps – The Patients, The Providers, and The Practice. Data is the key to drive change. Let us help you with our proven consultative change management methodologies and experience.
Technology Integration
Despite government and industry pressure, providers continue to face obstacles in getting access to their clinical and billing data.

Vendor interfaces are generally costly and single use. Data formats are inconsistent and do not provide a robust picture of the entire patient record.

PPS Analytics provides a web-based portal solution by directly and indirectly integrating with multiple practice systems, such as Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Practice Management (PM), Imaging, and Dispensing Systems.

This composited patient view is then presented to your navigators and clinical decision makers for a single insight into the patient’s care journey.